LabsLand support for schools and universities affected by COVID-19

The e-LIVES partner LabsLand is providing free remote access to real science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) laboratories for schools (typically High School and a few for Middle School), colleges, and universities affected by COVID-19. Most of the labs for electronics and physics experiments are based on Arduino, while more complex subjects, like robotics, for […]

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With e-Engineering business as usual

The current situation of a pandemic affecting the entire planet has shown the virtualities of distance learning. With the confinement decreed in most countries of the world, distance education and work were intended to be the norm. Unlike the face-to-face courses affected by this situation and where attempts were made to make a rapid transition […]

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e-Engineering’2020 submission deadline extended

The deadline for paper submissions to the e-ENGINEERING’2020 conference was extended until the 26th of January. The INTERNATIONAL e-ENGINEERING EDUCATION SERVICES CONFERENCE (e-ENGINEERING’2020) is the world’s premier forum dedicated to presenting and discussing e-Engineering courses implementation. The goal is to exchange ideas and best practices in all aspects related to the set up of e-Engineering […]

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