April 2019

News from the project

Dear readers,

Welcome to this 3rd e-LIVES newsletter.

Halfway through the project, it begins to yield results. The state-of-the-art Good Practices Guide on the pedagogical, technical and administrative aspects of the e-Engineering concept is available in open access on the project website – e-LIVES Good Practices Guides.

Two practical works of high-quality were selected to be promoted by the project. The equipment necessary for their development has been acquired, and it is in the process of being delivered to the beneficiary establishments. The next step is to train academic and technical staff to develop online courses using remote labs. The reference courses developed, as well as all the resources necessary for their exploitation, will be freely accessible in the project site.

The SIG e-Engineering Alliance created within IAOE organized its first special session at the REV’19 conference in Bangalore, India. The consortium participated in the promotion of the project in various international conferences through the organization of workshop and presentation of communications. This promotion will continue throughout the year in the main scientific events related to the project field.

The consortium will organize the first international conference specifically dedicated to the concept of e-Engineering in Petra, Jordan, on June 23-24, 2020. This conference will be technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Education Society and the IEEE section of Jordan. The call for papers is already published on the e-ENGINEERING’2020 conference website.

Professor Abdelhalim Benachenhou (Université de Mostaganem, Algeria)
Responsible for the e-LIVES project “Development of e-engineering trainings” work package


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