May 2021

News from the project

Welcome to this 6th e-LIVES newsletter.

The current pandemic situation affected some of the activities planned under the e-LIVES project.

The first main change was the extension of the project by one more year, so the completion date moved from 14 October 2020 to 14 October 2021.

The second main change was the postponement by one year of the final dissemination activities of the project, the National Dissemination Workshops, and the e-Engineering conference. The hope was to be able to hold them in person, a goal that proved not to be feasible.

Thus, between the end of May and the end of July, we will have online the four National Dissemination Workshops, one for each partner country of the project, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia, and the e-Engineering’2021 conference.

Information about all these events may be found on the project page and the conference page for the e-Engineering’2021 conference. Participation in all these events is free. Only authors of accepted papers must pay a small publication processing fee.

Manuel Gericota
Responsible for the e-LIVES project dissemination/networking/sustainability work package


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