In 2005, a Royal Decree was issued to establish Tafila Technical University, located on Al-Ais hills, which currently contributes to the development of higher education in Jordan. On top of TTU objectives are the reinforcement of spiritual and moral values, national pride, Arab Islamic identity, and the development of students’ talents, with emphasis on the qualities of leadership and citizenship. In addition, the university encourages scientific research, sets findings into practice and uses modern technologies for the overall development of Jordan.

TTU has taken quick confident steps towards the consolidation and assimilation of e-learning, online registration and information technology among students and faculty members. In addition, computer courses are regularly held for staff members; the Computer Centre has an integrated infrastructure, several computer laboratories and technical competencies in the fields of computer and information technologies. The university as well has forged strategic partnerships with such international organizations as Microsoft, Cisco and the Centre for International Computer Driving License.

TTU is a member of the Arab Universities Union and is involved in many national, regional and international projects.

The College of Engineering (CoE) was established in 2005 with 3 departments: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Natural Resources and Chemical Engineering. Currently, CoE has 5 academic departments offering 11 programs. The college has 110 faculty members and about 3000 students. This number will increase in the coming years. The college has awarded 60 outstanding students with scholarships to pursue their master and doctoral degrees.

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