University Abdelhamid Ibn Badis of Mostaganem (UMAB) is a public and multidisciplinary university based in Mostaganem City, north- west of Algeria founded in 1978. UMAB encompasses different active bodies in fields such as undergraduates and postgraduates studies, scientific research, entrepreneurship and cultural enhancement. Its activities are mainly centred on teaching and research, with a wide variety of high quality education delivered by its 9 Faculties and 1 institute. It is fully integrated in the Bologna process aiming to establishing a large harmonized zone of higher education in Algeria. The total number of subscribed students at UMAB in the academic year 2016-2017 was 31000. The University offers a very large range of courses: 79 bachelor courses and 128 master’s courses. In postgraduation, 61 specialties have been approved through the training of 1380 PhD students. The students take classes taught by more than 1300 professors, lectures and researchers at 05 campuses and 02 experimental farms with the support of over 1200 administration and service staff. The scientific research is performed in 42 laboratories and 01 unit of research with a total of 360 international publications from 2013 to 2015.

The University – Company interface is a real relay between the University and the socio-economic sector; UMAB has an entrepreneurial home, to encourage and to accompany industrial partnerships as expert, consultant or lifelong learning. In this context, UMAB has recently established the lifelong learning center (LLL Center) in order to provide a high level specialized education to different stakeholders as well as young graduates without jobs in different areas. UMAB supports international collaborations through multilaterals and bilateral programmes mainly in different scientific research areas as well as in education and academic and administrative staff training with many international partners in several domains.

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