LABSLAND’s mission is to improve technical and scientific learning by creating, promoting and managing a great international network of remote experimentation laboratories that, physically located in its own premises or in the facilities of its members, allow them to share them over the Internet, being able to give and have access to a much larger number of real experiments (non-virtual or simulated) for users around the world.

LABSLAND is based on the certainty that the learn process requires to EXPERIENCE and perform real practices, in a sufficient number of hours and proportional to the theoretical hours presented to the students. LABSLAND solves the problem of the traditional shortage of resources (either upgraded equipment and / or access time to experimentation) to experiment in educational centres and companies. LABSLAND offers tools to enhance and improve practical learning, making available to the user not only experimental equipment and materials, but also tools that allow to FOLLOW, SHARE and EVALUATE the experimentation and results obtained throughout the learning process.

LABSLAND presents the only existing platform so that suppliers of remote laboratories and experiments can share their resources and benefit of this by means of an economic retribution. At the same time, LABSLAND is offered as a hublab through which any user can access all laboratories and experiments distributed throughout the world.

LABSLAND USES AND DEVELOPS OWN TECHNOLOGY, developed and tested during years of research by specialized professionals, disclosed and discussed in multiple scientific publications, magazines and books about remote laboratories.

LABSLAND is born on a reality already developed consisting of an environment of laboratories interconnected with more than 100,000 registered accesses and collaborations with Universities and public and private institutions of several countries of the world through international R & D projects.

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