UNED is one of the largest Spanish Universities and is devoted to distance learning (using all communications media) and continuous education. Regarding the number of students UNED is one of the largest universities on Europe with about 160,000 students and near 1,500 teachers. UNED delivers degrees on most disciplines including Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Humanities, Arts and Letters. UNED delivers also many open courses for continuous education, having more than 30,000 more students. UNED is the only Spanish University of National scope and distributed along all Spain. In the last years UNEDs particular teaching methodology incorporates intensive and extensive use of multimedia and communications.

DIEEC – Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is the UNED’s Department which attends teaching in the Industrial Engineering School and in the Computer Science School. Regarding the number of students-subject DIECC attends about 10,000 students/subject/year. Total staff of DIECC amounts to 30 people including professors, collaborators and administrative personnel. Disciplines in DIECC include Electronics, Automatic Control, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

UNED has experience in laboratory experiments with remote access to the laboratories in measurement in electronics and DIEEC coordinated some Erasmus Curriculum projects on remote laboratories development, as well has been implicated in several projects of technology enhanced learning and mobility adaptation of materials and curricula regarding the special needs of special communities.

UNED has as students the larger community in Spain of Special needs Students, having more than the 50% of the Spanish high education students. UNIDIS is a specialised group focusing in the area of curricula adaptation as well as in the better use of technology to avoid detected problems and to increase the level of proficiency of the students with special needs.

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