The University of Kairouan is a young Public higher education institution, established in 2004. UniK gathers 12 institutes and faculties distributed in 3 governments (2 in Sidi Bouzid, 3 in Kasserine and 7 at Kairouan) that provide a wide range of study programs (21 fundamental Licenses, 24 applied Licenses, 8 research Masters, 22 professional Masters, and a PhD of Literature, arts and humanities). UniK contains 5 research units, 1 laboratory and one Doctoral School. The UniK has 1525 Employees. The number of enrolled students is about 9100, distributed on various training fields (2868 Literatures and human sciences, 907 Juridical and political sciences, 937 Arts and applied arts, 1039 Economics and management, 812 Fundamental Sciences, 922 Technological sciences, 1519 Computer sciences and telecommunication and 67 Agrifood).

UniK is aware of positive outcomes of international cooperation and try to strengthen its scientific and educational partnership with international universities (29 cooperation framework agreements and 7 participations in international cooperation projects during the last 4 years). UniK has placed an international cooperation office (ICo) as one of its priorities in the strategic university plan. The efforts of UniK are also to strengthen and improve the quality of acquired students’ skills using elearning.

Apart from the introduction of modules taught online in the existing curricula, it’s the first Tunisian University that provides a full license completely online with a remote laboratory so as students can execute practical works in electronics and optic remotely (EOLES Bachelor).

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