Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech (UCAM) was founded in 1978. It consists of 14 Faculties and Schools that cover all the scientific, technical, economic, legal, medical, and social sciences. UCAM is present in 4 cities: Marrakech, Safi, Essaouira and Kelaa Sraghna. The University has about 80,000 students, 1400 teachers and researchers, administrative 850 and more than 600 foreign students from 50 nationalities. UCAM maintains over 500 partnership relations with foreign universities and participates in many international cooperation programs in the context of European and international funding. Internationalization openness is one of the strengths of Cadi Ayyad University like attest the number of signed agreement with partners around the world and the participation on various cooperation programs.

UCAM is the national leader in the remote practical work domain. Cadi Ayyad University (UCAM) has seen an increasing number of students enrolled. Facing this challenge, the Cadi Ayyad University created, recently, an E-Lab center whose role is to deepen methodological training by developing mastery of the experimental approach. The objective of the E-Lab center is to create three Practical Work Remote Laboratories (PWRL) at three different locations (Marrakech, Essaouira and Safi). These PWRLs will allow students to carry out their practical work without any time constraint given that the PWRLs are available seven days a week. All PWRLs materials and resources will be designed and developed locally at the UCAM. A local product will then be proposed nationally.

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